Summer Reading 2014

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Eric Herman & His Invisible Band

Eric Herman’s “cool tunes for kids” are at once ingeniously witty, indelibly memorable and incredibly fun, and his videos, led by the viral hit, “The Elephant Song,” have become hugely popular online, with nearly 50 million views on YouTube. Eric’s songs and videos have been heard and seen nationally on PBS Kids, XM Radio, Fox & Friends, The Today Show, and in the Warner Bros. film Life as We Know It.

Bayou Vista Branch June 9th at 10am
Franklin Branch June 9th at 2pm
Patterson Branch June 10th at 10am
West End Branch June 10th at 2pm

Tim and Laura Allured present “The Harvey Rabbit and Friends Show.”

The show features Harvey, the Talking Rabbit, Cecil the Orangutan and T-Boy the Alligator. Oh yeah, they are joined by Laura and Tim Allured who are the masters behind these hilarious puppets as they put on a fun-filled, energetic show of ventriloquism, puppetry, music, magic, and comedy mixed in with a whole lot of audience participation!

Franklin Branch June 10th at 10am
Bayou Vista Branch June 10th at 2pm

Rhythm N Soul

A local New Iberia hip-hop dance group that teaches the youth of today how important self improvement, positive thinking, self-confidence and dedication are to our everyday life through a skit that incorporates popular urban dance. Join us for this inspiring performance!

Berwick Branch June 11th at 10am
Patterson Branch June 11th at 2pm
Franklin Branch June 12th at 10am
Centerville Branch June 12th at 2pm
West End Branch June 20th at 2pm
Bayou Vista Branch June 27th at 10am
Amelia Branch June 27th at 2pm

The Kinders

Brian and Terri Kinder’s concerts for kids are lively and interactive. Combining his guitar and banjo playing talents and his whimsical song writing skills, they amuse and entertain children of all ages. They have the ability through their songs to bring both young and old together as they laugh, sing, dance and clap along with the music.

Centerville Branch June 13th at 10am
Berwick Branch June 13th at 2pm

The Cajun Swamp Lady

Tante’ Bosalyn will bring you through the swamps of South Louisiana through storytelling & imagination. From crawfish, to gators, Tante’ cooks up fish tales from her houseboat in the Atchafalaya Basin. Join us for a guaranteed fun filled adventure.

Berwick Branch June 17th at 10am
Patterson Branch June 17th at 2pm
Centerville Branch June 18th at 10am
West End Branch June 18th at 2 pm

Matthew Noel

The magic yoyo man, Matthew Noel, artfully brings his stage show to audiences of all ages using magic, yo-yos, juggling, and comedy. He has performed for tens of thousands of people across the south over the last ten years.

West End Branch June 23rd at 10am
Franklin Branch June 23rd at 2pm
Centerville Branch June 24th at 10am
Bayou Vista Branch June 24th at 2pm
Berwick Branch June 25th at 10am
Patterson Branch June 25th at 2pm
Amelia Branch June 26th at 10am

Kuniko Yamamoto

Kuniko enchants audiences of every age with dramatic storytelling using myths and fables from ancient and modern Japan, spiced with social revelations to educate and amuse. Kuniko uses traditional Japanese music, handcrafted masks, stylized movement and a touch of magic to create an artistic balance of illusion and reality. For younger children, she uses Japanese Storytelling with Origami using folded paper animals and faces, which come alive in folk tales. Every program encourages audience interaction and participation, with each narrative carefully selected for cultural and moral perspectives. Trained in dance and traditional arts in her native Osaka, Japan.

Bayou Vista Branch July 1st at 10am
Franklin Branch July 1st at 2pm

Geebo the Clown

Geebo entertains with magic, bubbles and animal balloon sculptures. Born many moons ago in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Geebo the Clown asked a fellow student at Eastwood Elementary to “pull his finger”. His response to the slight tug was unexpected, yet started a roar of laughter that continues today. He has cleaned his act up a bit, but is never above slapstick comedy and is sure to give all in attendance a laugh!

West End Branch July 2nd at 10am
Centerville Branch July 2nd at 1pm
Franklin Branch July 2nd at 3pm
Amelia Branch July 3rd at 10am
Bayou Vista Branch July 3rd at 1pm
Patterson Branch July 3rd at 3pm

Trish Ransom

Trish Ransom studied art at Stanford University. She lived in the thriving San Francisco Bay area but soon found herself in the Lafayette area to experience the culture that she had come to love firsthand. She is famous for her wacky world of stuff, junk and debris. She first started her art with bottle cap earrings and necklaces, then the fish and armadillos were next. She started out by attending Contemporary Crafts Shows and has now been asked to carry her art into galleries. Come join us for a fish making workshop out of “stuff” with Ms. Ransom.

SIGN UP ONLY PROGRAM! Must sign up due to limited supplies, spaces are limited!!

Patterson Branch July 8th at 10am
Bayou Vista Branch July 8th at 2pm
Franklin Branch July 9th at 10am
West End Branch July 9th at 2pm