Shattered Remains by Rhonda Dennis

A cruel life has left Camille Brady jaded, depressed, and
suffering from no true sense of self-worth. Worn down from the constant
struggle that addiction and poverty bring, she seizes the opportunity for a
better life when offered what should be a dream job. Taking over as live-in
housekeeper for successful writer, Ian Ross, seems simple enough. However, the
situation takes a dramatic turn when Ian’s dark secret gets exposed. Ian, a
recluse tormented by the loss of his wife, is obsessed with uncovering the
circumstances surrounding her death. Unable to accept the coroner’s ruling that
her death was a suicide, he stops living his own life to prove the
investigators wrong. Camille slowly awakens his tortured soul by helping him
rediscover his passion for writing, and by helping him to find answers to
questions long left unanswered. Unfortunately, the deeper they dig into his
wife’s death, the more dangerous their quest for answers becomes. Happiness and
sorrow. Love and hate. Torment and pleasure. Life and death. Good and evil.
Shattered Remains is a suspenseful thriller that leaves readers guessing until
the very end.